Wed Jun 15, 2005

eMail corruption

I'm sitting here waiting for gmail and hotmail to load and I was just thinking to myself, what if one day a hacker decided to cripple these giants? I've used up about 800megs on gmail and I have a lot of info stored there. If that actually happened one day then I'd be so screwed.

That got me thinking, I have to back up my emails onto my harddrive. The problem? The fact that it will probably hog up nearly 1G of space on my computer. So now I really have to buy an external to back up everything. I should have purchased one a long time ago cause I've had so many close calls but there are so many choices out there. Once you buy one, a few weeks later you'll see a new model out that's faster and holds more, then you wish you would've waited.

Posted by: brikee on Jun 15, 05 | 6:57 pm | Profile

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