Thu Jun 09, 2005

Drawing class

Just finished up some homework for drawing class. We're practicing drawing cubes and boxes at the moment and it's quite fun. Think it's so easy drawing the perfect box? Not at first because the lines are a bit intimidating.

You see the lines on the box one way but then when you draw it on paper and take a look at it again, they don't match up. Either you have to accept that this is the way you see it or practice until you're happy with the results. I'm taking the later route and I just keep doodling cubes all over the paper until I feel comfortable. In a way, it's like therapy and the next thing I know, two hours have already passed.

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Sun Jun 05, 2005

Pmachine is successfully installed.

Searching for a good host to park lead me to They offered plenty of space, and reliable hosting at an affordable price. I checked out the reviews for their company on several websites and came to the same conclusion: one of the top hosting sites out there.

I just signed up with their service last week and was surprised at how quickly and easy their customer service made the transition from my previous host to theirs. They even offered to transfer everything from my old host over for free. So I made an account with them on Tuesday night, and the next morning, I woke up to find an email that confirmed my old website transferred successfully.

Something else that I was surprised to find with site5 was the cPanel extension, Fantastico which allows you to install blogging/CMS scripts with a few clicks. I was able to set up pMachine 2.3 this way in a matter of seconds, literally. It was great and so easy thanks to Fantastico. Later on I decided to install pMachine pro 2.4 on my own, which is what I'm currently blogging in now.

It's exciting and I'm going to add more features to later in the week. More to come so stay tuned.

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