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First week of web design class

Last week's web design class was much more successful than the previous week. We had about four students attend. Each week I'll try to write up a summarize to the class and provide links to the handouts for those who miss a class. The source for most of these notes were taken from the internet and it has been edited so that you are reading only the necessary information. The original document source is usually provided at the end of the handout incase you want to do more research.

In the first hour, we went over the fundamentals of HTML and did a bit of hand-coding in notepad. While it's great to design web pages, it's even better to know how they work and that's why I decided to do a quick run through HTML. You don't have to use all the tags but you this should give you a good basic understanding of the subject.
We went over a brief html introduction and html tag reference sheet. After which we disected this html page and the source code that went along with it (you can view the source of the page by selecting "View > Page Source OR Source"

In the secound hour, we went through the interface of Dreamweaver (a WYSIWYG html editor). This builds on the previous hour, where we went over html, now you with Dreamweaver, it will fill in the blanks for you and you'll be able to pick up some new tags. Dreamweaver is one of those programs that is great because it caters to those who like to hand code their source or for those who like to drag and drop their designs.

With the Dreamweaver basics handout in hand,I went over the panels, the workspace area and the different coding views like Code/Split/Design view. I prefer to work in split view because I can see what's going on and where. These step-by-step instructions were edited from the original post here.

After going over the interface, we went over Site Management. This is a good way to manage all of the files that will be used to comprise your website. To differentiate between a website and a webpage, a website is a collection of webpages and it's those sets of webpages that comprise a website. Before starting any website, it's good to write out all of your thoughts and ideas down, sort of like a rough draft/plan of your website.

That's a brief summary of week one. Try to attend all of the classes if you can because we cover quite a bit of material in two hours and if you do miss it, don't hesitate to contact me or Olivia with any questions. All of the notes in class can be found through the "webnotes" link and here are the handouts in the order that we went over in class:

Fundamentals of HTML document
HTML reference sheet
HTML page click "View > Page Source" to view the source
Going over Dreamweaver interface
[url=../webnotes/week1/5_sitemanagement.pdfSite Management sheet [/url] // this one wasn't handed out in class


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