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eMail corruption

I'm sitting here waiting for gmail and hotmail to load and I was just thinking to myself, what if one day a hacker decided to cripple these giants? I've used up about 800megs on gmail and I have a lot of info stored there. If that actually happened one day then I'd be so screwed.

That got me thinking, I have to back up my emails onto my harddrive. The problem? The fact that it will probably hog up nearly 1G of space on my computer. So now I really have to buy an external to back up everything. I should have purchased one a long time ago cause I've had so many close calls but there are so many choices out there. Once you buy one, a few weeks later you'll see a new model out that's faster and holds more, then you wish you would've waited.


Posted by: brikee on Jun 15, 05 | 6:57 pm | Profile


Soo true. I know exactly what you mean, but sometimes, you have to decide to settle. Think of it this way. You are paying for one service and ou pay one price to get this service. The price is to get... a minimum of... let's say you have nearly 1 gb of work on your Gmail - if you buy any device with 1 gig of space... it'd probably cost you near $100. Let's say you buy the a small external drive... not too small... how about 100gb size. Think about it... that would cost just a lil over $100. You pay just a lil more $ and you get 100 times the size you needed currently. That means the 99gb is bonus. Sure you might be able to fill that 100gb in time... but I dare you to fill it... usefully/efficiently (not wantonly) before 2 or even 4 new generations of that harddrive is born and passed. Besides... it's not that big a noticable difference in the generations of devices... and well... if by forth generation of that device you want the new one... then you should be able to afford it by then. And if you don't want to think that way... think of it these ways -- If you buy and external drive now... would it serve it's purpose (to back up your work). Will it serve it well? (don't compare to what the others are doing... is it doing ITS task? Would u prefer having a peace of mind knowing your work is backed up on something reliable, or do you want to take a chance that things will not go wrong just so that you can ensure you can get as much as possible for your money? :-D Sorry babe, I overdid the speech... I guess I'll stop here. O:-).

Posted by: Sylkaesuav on Aug 29, 05 | 10:18 am

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